Cassandra Gillens

Cassandra Gillens is a self-taught artist. She uses the hues of paint to bring to life the traditions of the past and her love for people and culture of the American South. Her work is inspired by the stories she has heard from her grandmother; a native born of Beaufort South Carolina, as well as the area where Mrs. Gillens spent much of her childhood.


Want To Break Up Your Payments? No Problem!
Cassandra Gillens Art Studio offers an in-house layaway plan with no extra fees!
By breaking up your balance into payments it allows us to provide exceptional artwork to our clients with a smart and affordable payment plan.

• For orders that are $1,000.00 or less, we offer a 6-month plan that can be divided in 6 equal monthly installments.
• For orders that are $1,000.00 and over, we offer a 12-month plan that can be divided in 12 equal monthly installments.
• In certain cases, we can vary the layaway terms to suit your needs.
• The merchandise will remain in the gallery until final payment is made.
• Payments can be made by pre-written post-dated checks; any major credit cards or we can arrange an automatic debit from your bank account for the lay-away period.
• You may pay off your balance sooner than your installment plan. Once the art is completely paid for, it ships immediately.
• Layaway payments are non-refundable. If payment is defaulted for 3 months, Cassandra Gillens Art Studio reserves the right to restock the item and charge a 20% restocking fee. The balance of the payment made can be applied to a future purchase.

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